Instagram tips

The better the product being promoted is, the better the promotion result you get.

This note lists a few tips for managing an Instagram account that will help you to use your promotion resources as efficiently as possible.

Please bear in mind that currently all major social networks and search engines are actively implementing and improving intelligent algorithms (neural networks) to generate their content. The idea of “smart” feed is to convey only interesting information to users, filtering out everything that, according to the algorithms, isn’t relevant or is social spam.

The lessons here are that all sorts of cheating have become ineffective, and high-quality accounts with a live (active) audience are at the top.

Currently, for most people, Instagram has become the main social network. There people communicate, read news, watch videos and make purchases. The goal of creating content in your account is to become a place of regular attraction for users. Algorithms will notice this and will promote you themselves. The goal of our service is to accelerate and enhance this effect.

Improve the look of your account
  • Create a bright and catchy icon. It should be readable even in miniature.
  • Edit the account description. Make it clear and informative. Use emojis (but be reasonable).
  • Hashtags almost don’t work now, but if you have a personal hashtag, specify it in the description.
  • Use saved stories (Story Highlights) for navigation and sorting of your content. Here is an example.

  • Make your Instagram bio as stylish and concise as possible.
Create quality content
  • Customizing all pictures in one style is no longer relevant. The images being bright, large and catchy is far more important. Achieve a “WOW effect”.
  • If it is appropriate, “humanize” the content by posting photos of people or even of yourself (but not often). People like looking at other people. Well… or at cats!
  • Add a video to your feed. Now the video format has a clear priority in the Instagram feed.
  • If you have a lot of photos, combine them in a carousel post. This increases the time spent by a user on your page, which is a big plus for Instagram algorithms.
  • Don’t overuse hashtags. You can abandon them completely or put 5-6 different hashtags corresponding to an image.
Encourage subscribers activity
  • Write short, succinct texts. The message should be catchy, evoke a lively reaction, a desire to respond, comment, and argue.
  • Try to respond to messages in the comment section (especially if they are addressed to you) and in Direct. Feel free to ask questions.
  • Sometimes leave open and closed questions in your messages. Sometimes polls work well.
  • Use active links to profiles (no more than 5 in a single comment), but do it carefully so that it doesn’t look like spam. For example, you can use this link to invite an expert or client to the discussion.
  • < li>Humor, jokes, and friendly trolling are welcome.


  • Post regularly!
Follow the statistics and experiment!

For high-quality promotion, it is very important to understand the overall picture of the results of work on the account.
Analyze statistics. Track the number of subscribers and the dynamics of subscriptions/unsubscriptions. It is preferable to have data for a long period of time (from six months) in order to understand seasonal or other changes.
Excellent service for collecting and analyzing statistics – LiveDune, I highly recommend it. InstaWalker has a built-in function for simple statistics collection – the number of subscribers tracked by day.
The second important moment is to track the situation in your field of activity, trends, and competitors’ activity. The Internet is an extremely mobile environment. Analyze trends and use them for your own purposes. Run experiments and check statistics to identify “working tools”.

Control the Engagement Rate< / span>

ER is an indicator of audience engagement in social networks.

The engagement rate in social networks is measured in percentage and shows how much of the account audience responds to posts. Responses refer to likes, comments, reposts, votes in polls, and posts saves (for people’s own accounts on Instagram).

This is a very important integrated indicator telling you how high-quality your content, audience and interaction are. I recommend reading more about this in LiveDune blog.

Look up to the best

Find your best posts by participation rate, amount of likes, comments, and saves, and try to understand how they hooked your audience.

Do the same with your competitors’ posts: analyze how they manage to attract subscribers’ interest, what their photos and captions look like, and how they communicate with the audience.

It is worth paying attention not only to direct competitors but also to similar areas (niches). Or what Instagram celebrities (influencers) do. Perhaps one of them will give you an interesting idea.

Learn and improve

 Сontinue to evolve. Learn from professionals.

Take courses on photo and video shooting using a mobile phone, on writing catchy texts or stories (storytelling). These courses are not necessarily fee-based, a lot of high-quality information is now available for free. Search for blogs, articles, and videos on YouTube for relevant queries.

Find and master the right application for editing photos, videos, and preparing images. This will help you create high-quality content without spending a lot of time on it.

All of the above is a bare minimum for effective promotion on Instagram. But this is not a complete list of recommendations: the issues of working with stories, IGTV, paid advertising, and others are not covered. Without proper preparation, you can only hope for a miracle or not expect great results.

If Instagram is an important tool for developing your business or personal brand, then I recommend using all the opportunities available. But be careful not to overdo it. Algorithms can mistake extraordinary activity for fraud or spam. Always test new tools and implement them gradually.