How to start InstaWalker

Creating InstaWalker we have tried above all to minimize the likelihood of sanctions by Instagram. To do this, we:

  • abandoned risky techniques (spam, mass following, etc.)
  • we work at the lower boundaries of the limits for likes and views of stories
  • manually emulate the client’s computer (or laptop)
  • we select a high-quality personal proxy server from the client’s region (city)
  • we humanize and randomize the bot’s behavior as much as possible
  • we make the bot visit other sites on the Internet, further increasing the trust from Instagram / Facebook.

InstaWalker connection procedure:

  • Emulation of your computer if you use it on Instagram. To do this, you need to go to two services and take full screenshots of the data.

Screenshot example:

Screenshot example:

  • If you do not use a personal computer or laptop (i.e. the browser version of Instagram), then we will emulate the device with random but plausible parameters.
  • We will select the proxy server ourselves.
  • You will have to provide us with your account login information and disable two-level authorization while the bot is running.
  • You need to select 10-15 competitor accounts for scraping. Take this step as responsibly as possible. Look for accounts with the audience you want. Accounts must be live and have active subscribers (many likes and comments on fresh posts). But make sure that the reactions are natural – i.e. if the account has a clear excess of reactions on the post from normal, this may be a sign of cheating (purchased likes or comments).
  • For 3-4 days InstaWalker will only log into the account and view the wall without any other actions.
  • 3-5 days InstaWalker will only like posts on your wall. From Those to whom you are subscribed – there should be at least 30-50 of them.
  • Next, the bot will process 30-50 accounts per day for a week, then 50-100 for a week and only then 400-500 per day.
  • For subscribers for plans of 6 or 12 months, we will create a table on Google Drive with a daily report on the results of promotion.

We welcome you to read Tips on Instagram once again.

Try to stop using other third-party services connected to your account (active, this does not apply to statistics) during InstaWalker operation. It is also better not to use your account from a computer.